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Film: "From crop-to-shop"


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    Only with the right balance of soil composition, climate, sunshine and seeds is Oettinger Davidoff able to grow the world's finest tobacco plants.


    Oettinger Davidoff monitors the entire spectrum of its cigar production. "From crop-to-shop", as it is referred to at Oettinger Davidoff, includes all stages: the cultivation of the tobacco plants, the drying and fermentation of the seeds, curing the leaves, cigars rolling and distribution to dealers worldwide. The complete cigar production process presented in a short film Preparing a premium cigar requires 300 manual steps, at least. But we managed to capture the most important ones in a 20-minute film. Escape to the Caribbean and immerse yourself in the world of tobacco to learn more about the complexities of cigar craftsmanship.


    From Crop to Shop (20'05'')

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