Flying Diamond - The PC 7 Team


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    As ambassador of the Swiss Air Force, the PC-7 TEAM represents the dynamism, elegance and precision of formation flight at the highest level. Their air shows inspire hundreds of thousands of viewers a year in Switzerland and abroad.


    Three exciting, action-packed movies were produced, bringing the viewer directly into the cockpit for a fascinating look behind the scenes. The clips aim to inspire viewers to join the Swiss Airforce and to take the first step by registering for the SPHAIR aptitude test.




    Producer: Electronic Media Center, Bern

    Executive producer: Philippe Weibel

    Filmscript and realization: Philippe Weibel




    1st Prize Rome (2011)

    Award of Master (2011)

    EDI Shortlist (2011)


    Flying Diamond - The PC 7 Team (11'04'')