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With the launch of Catch a Car, a new chapter of the Swiss mobility story begins. Maximum spontaneity, flexibility and independence.

Since the end of August 2013, member have the possibility to locate cars in real-time, drive them to their desired destination, and then park the them in a catch-car zone free of charge.

Storytelling in an informative onepager

The motto is: "Disconnect from old habits". Being mobile, does not necessarily mean owning your own car. And those who need a second car, do not have to buy it. Members can locate cars in real-time, travel to their desired route, and then park for free in a catch-car zone. The Catch a Car concept has been brought to life by means of a catchy, digital onepager filled will clearly structured, inviting content.

The first station-flexible car-sharing offer in Switzerland

Mobility launched Catch a Car as a pilot project in Basel, acting as a strong partner to AMAG, Allianz, Energie Schweiz and SBB. Since the launch, Since the launch, additional Catch-a-Car zones have been opened. All you need to use Catch a Car is a driver's license for manual vehicles, a credit card and a one-time registration.